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Prime Time: Strength for Seniors is the 409 Fitness program designed for those advancing in age, but who want to maintain and improve strength, mobility, balance, metabolic rate, and other health indicators.  Strength training also has the ability to reduce pain and stiffness, as well as improve functional strength so you can keep doing the things you love for as long as possible. 


Best of all, no fitness experience is necessary to start with us, and we come to you with all the equipment we'll need! 


We are able to modify exercises to meet any health restrictions you may have--we just want to get you active so you can feel stronger and healthier!

"When I turned 70 and because my family has a history of having an unhealthy heart, I finally decided I needed to find a trainer to teach me how to exercise.  After working out with the 409 Fitness program and having a routine physical check-up, the results showed that my heart health had improved tremendously and my blood pressure and cholesterol were in the healthy range.  My doctor commented, 'This is the best test results you have ever had.' Jeff is also able to tailor all of my workouts around my issues of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis."
      PEG, 72


Seniors looking to maintain and improve strength as they age

Keep your functional strength at an optimum level to maintain independence, safety, and stamina for the ability to enjoy an active lifestyle

Seniors looking to stay active despite health issues

We are ready with an arsenal of exercises and modifications to meet any restrictions you have, (with a doctor's permission, of course).  If you're immunocompromised, we're a great fit because we come to your home, limiting your exposure to crowded gyms.

Active seniors ready for a new challenge

Already in shape?  Just want to learn something new?  Some of us are always ready to learn and improve!  We're here to support and embrace that goal.

Seniors intimidated by public gym environments

Not sure where to start?  No need to feel self-conscious  or out-of-place at home!  We'll get you fit in a safe and enjoyable environment--yours!

Seniors who want the company of a great trainer

Your trainer is a caring and respectful human, providing you with an added social outlet, all while getting you stronger.  We're great listeners as long as we keep the workout going!

Seniors without an exercise background

We'll teach you from the ground up, ensuring proper form and technique.  We'll make sure you're appropriately challenged for your level of experience, whatever it may be.

Seniors who don't drive

We come to you, and bring everything inside your location.  Problem solved!

Seniors looking to lose weight, maintain blood sugar levels, or improve bone density

Strength training improves your metabolism, allows you to burn more calories at rest, and improves your overall body composition.  It has been shown to improve bone density, and is a crucial component of any well-rounded fitness regimen. 

Seniors with a busy schedule!

Whether you work or volunteer, chase after grandchildren, travel frequently, or have lots of appointments, we will find a way to cater to your schedule, while saving you the commute!




“I love the one-on-one interaction I have with 409 Fitness.  One of my goals was to strengthen my muscles in anticipation of my knee replacement surgery, but in addition to getting stronger for my surgery, my strength training workouts have become a way of life for me."

JOHN, 82

"Working out with 409 Fitness in my home is as good, if not better, than when I was going to the personal training studio; I love that Jeff comes to my home with his equipment...I find that I stand straighter, can bend and squat with ease and have better balance than I've had in the past.  The icing on the cake is when I go to my various doctors for routine visits and they say to me' You look good,' and I reply, 'I feel good.'"


“My chiropractor likes the results I am getting from 409 Fitness strength training.  With my shoulder and back issues, Jeff developed a program in which my physical health issues have been less problematic.  My orthopedic surgeon told me a few years ago that I should be working with free weights and not just on machines.  He is impressed with my results.”
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