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The beauty of 409 Fitness is that it is for everyone, no matter your current fitness level or experience!  We start at your level, and progressively build upon a solid foundation of form and technique.  The first couple sessions will be technique-driven and educational to master the basics, and then the real fun (challenge!) sets in!  All programs have the option of adding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your routine.

Click the categories below for more information on our offerings!

Fitness Ladies

Ladies Like Lifting is the 409 Fitness personal training program tailored for women and female athletes of all levels.


Rock Hard Personal Training is our men's program, providing custom workouts to reach fitness and strength goals.

Senior Therapy

60+?  Then our Prime Time: Strength for Seniors program is for you!  This program is designed to build and maintain strength, balance, and flexibility, while catering to any health needs or restrictions.


Whether you are training for a team sport, or are interested in a fitness solution for a non-athlete, 409 Fitness wants to get teens active, healthy, and challenged so they can reach the next level!  Choose our One More! Training for Teens program.

Fitness Group

Beyond the Burn: Fusion Training is the 409 FItness group conditioning concept, suitable for 2 or more participants.  Training can take place at home or a local park.

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409 Fitness strives to be inclusive, and if you feel you don't fit into the other programs for whatever reason, please let us know what kind of program we can personalize to best serve you!

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