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One More: Training for Teens is a great way to get your teenager active, improve sports performance, develop healthy lifestyle habits, and build confidence.  Whether your teen participates in organized sports, or is a non-athlete looking to get and stay fit, we can develop customized training sessions to meet their goals. 


Your teen will receive customized workouts using free weights as the primary exercise tool, but also incorporating agility training, HIIT, body-weight exercises, and/or plyometrics if appropriate to their goals and experience.

Parents will enjoy this:  there's no need to shuttle your teen back and forth from the gym!  We'll come to you with everything we need for a great full-body workout in a non-judgmental setting. 


Note: Parents must consent to training if the teen participant is under the age of 18.


Teens (or parents!) with busy schedules

Teens with little fitness experience or special needs

Athletes looking to level up their performance

Preparing for high school sports in the off-seasons

Teens looking to build self-confidence, reduce stress, and promote good mental & physical health habits

Teens whose schedule includes a lot of screen time.

Teens who can't drive (yet!)

Teens uncomfortable in a public gym environment

Homeschooled students


Depending on your teen's goals, we can include the following into our sessions once we've established proper form and technique in our base program.  These are preferably done in 45 or 60-minute sessions so we still have time for our full body workout.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the addition of short, timed bursts of cardiovascular exercise between strength training sets.  HIIT increases stamina and speed, while keeping the heart rate elevated.

Sport-specific Drills

If agility drills or plyometrics would be beneficial for your teen athlete's performance in a particular sport, we can add them between strength training sets.  We may need to use your yard or driveway if space is tight, but we're happy to get creative!




“When I was at the beach, my friend's mom gave me one of the best compliments when she told me that I looked healthy, happy, and wholesome.  I have to give credit to 409 Fitness for helping me achieve some of my health goals."

JAKE, 17

"I wanted to get in shape for my upcoming football season so my parents helped me pay for One More™ Training for Teens.  It definitely got me in shape and a lot stronger.  I was prepared for the season with a lot of confidence."

ready for one more?

If your teen could benefit from a custom fitness program, we're the best place to start!

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