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409 Fitness began in 2013 with the goal of providing highly effective personal training sessions for all fitness levels in a safe, non-threatening setting, focusing on the tried-and-true benefits of free weights.  Although we began as a brick-and-mortar location, we transformed in 2020 to an all-mobile brand.  After all, the most convenient and comfortable place to work out is at home, and the most effective workout is the one you can do consistently!  

409 Fitness takes care of the logistics to make this happen--all you need to do is answer the door, and we'll provide everything else!  

Despite our physical evolution, our core philosophy remains the same, and we've retained clients for over 10 years as a testament to our solid program.

In 2023, 409 Fitness was ready to grow, and we hired Khalil Slaughter to grow along with us!  We are looking forward to the future with many more client transformations, spreading the joy of healthy living to all who choose 409!


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